Who are we ?

Anaïs Braja is graduated of the Institut National du Patrimoine, she practises as and independent conservator since 2015. During her training she did internships in the workshops of prestigious institutions : Cité de la céramique in Sèvres, Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam, Centre Archéologique Municipal Gabriel Chapotat in Vienne. Anaïs get specialised during her master year in conservation of archeological glass and  realised a partnership with the Laboratoire de Recherche des Monuments Historiques in Paris for the study of three gallo-roman window panes, rare items exposed in the museum of Nevers. During this project she took part at several national symposia (Days of the Restorers in Archeology 2016, Meetings of the AFAV 2016) and international (British Museum 2017).

She works today for public and private instituitions and for collectors over all historical periods without distinction.


The workshop

We are localised in the center of the 8th district of Paris in a quiet and secure residence protected by a guard and several digicodes. The premises have two workstations, a photographic place and a reserve space.

It has specialized equipment: climate control thermo-hygrometry and double glazing, binocular loupe, steam generator, daylight lamps, computer equipment ...

Most of these technical means are transportable and can be moved to the client place in case of special request.

A guarantee of quality:

The French label "Museum of France" and "French Historical Monuments"

​The profession is recognized by a state-registered diploma of Master 2 level, awarded by the Institut National du Patrimoine, the University of Paris 1 Sorbonne and the schools of Fine Arts of the cities of Tours and Avignon. Only this diploma gives an authorization for the treatment of french cultural heritage and guarantees a quality of treatment approved by the French Federation of Conservation-Restoration.

​​The Braja's workshop has a degree from the Institut National du Patrimoine and is a member of the French Federation of Conservation-Restoration (FFCR), as well as the International Council of Museums (ICOM), and the French Association of Archaeological Glass (AFAV).

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