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Workshop communications at specialized seminars:


> ​Glass of Cesare @30, British Museum, Londres, 2017

"Conservation and study of three gallo-roman window  panes. New trails for the fabrication of gallo-roman flat glass"




> Meeting of Restorers in Archeology, 2015


"A window open on the past", conservation and restoration of three gallo-roman windows from the museum of the Porte du Croux (Nevers) Analysis of the tensions in a pane during an inclined position for a secure exhibition"



​> Annual publication of the French Glass association, 2016

"Study and conservation of threee gallo-roman windows conserved in the Museum Porte du Croux in Nevers"

​> The review of Cultural heritage, 2015
"A window open on the past, Study and conservation-restoration of three gallo-roman windows from the archaeological site of Compierre in the Nièvre"

Workshop publications:


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